About El Rojo LLC

El Rojo is well recognized in the audio and video market throughout Latin America and now expanding into the Caribbean. We are a manufacturer's representative with an extensive line of products with more than 25 categories for both commercial and residential applications for the customer integrator/installer. We strive to provide exceptional customer service and establishing positive business relationships with our customers.

profitMake dealers and custom integrators more $ MONEY $

Because giving dealers the opportunity to make more money is the reason SnapAV was founded…and that’s never going to change.


Ordering from less vendors saves you time and hassles.

websiteA Website That Makes Things Easy

Because it should be easy to get product specs, download manuals, watch instructional videos, and order quickly.

loyaltyInternet Protection

Because we only sell to Custom Installers – period. 

sameDayShippingSame-Day Shipping — on orders before 7 p.m.

Because you don’t always have time to order during “normal” business hours…and you need products that arrive fast.

custSatisfaction100% Satisfaction – Guaranteed

Because buying from us means you’re doing us a favor, and we want to say thanks.

defectiveProAdvanced Replacement for Defective Products

Because a product that malfunctions shouldn’t end up costing you. Ever.